See Color Wheel in action
Designed for use with a finger or stylus, the new OpenGL-powered color wheel allows artists to slide around the hue ring, and pinch-zoom the saturation disc for finer color picking granularity.
See Color Drop in action
Watch as the color animates right to the edge of the line art like a drop in a pond. The ColorDrop algorithm not only fills to the edge of the line art, it also travels 'underneath' the transparency for a near perfect color fill.
See Reference layer in action
Swipe your inking layer with two fingers to activate it as the Reference. Select another layer, and ColorDrop will use the reference layer to perfectly fill into the selected layer.
Create the perfect palette for any situation and have it ready to use, in any artwork. Export your best sci-fi palette to share with a friend, or import palettes shared by other artists to get the exact skin tones you need.
Most of these details probably won't get noticed, but they're really important to us. Here's some of the more prominent refinements of Procreate 2.1:
  • Improved layer gestures for better scrolling
  • Selected Brushes now highlight Procreate Blue
  • Selected Layers also highlight Procreate Blue
  • Removed all overlapping popovers
  • Alpha lock text for better understanding
  • Improved selection + transform workflow
  • Rebuilt entire import and export systems
  • Simplified import and export interfaces
  • New Recolor filter
  • Some friendly ‘What’s new’ videos
  • Rebuilt all popovers for better reliability
  • Painting immediately dismisses popovers
  • Activate eyedropper while color popover is active
  • Refined renaming artwork in the Gallery
  • New Photos picker
  • Create a new canvas from Photos
  • Redesigned Brush source interface
  • Performance increase for loading brush source
  • Color icon now outlined for dark colors
  • Polished precision slider interface
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