Unrivalled power
Two textures are better than one

Procreate® uses a powerful dual-texture system to define both brush shape and brush grain.
Coupled with a vast array of dynamic and customisable attributes, Procreate can make brushes
that no other system can match.


Unlike anything else
Produce unequalled results with a single stroke

Some brush engines are fast, some are flexible and some are precise.
Procreate is all three, all the time. Using the latest graphics advances on iPad®, Procreate renders amazing digital effects, blazingly fast.




No limits
Procreate gives you absolute control

With over 25 customisable settings from brush dynamics to stroke manipulation, Procreate
brushes can produce anything from traditional paint to startling digital effects.



Create custom brushes
Unlock the potential of digital painting

Build your very own Procreate brush from scratch. Choose anything to form your shape and
grain, fine-tune your settings, and then share your brush with the world. You can even import
other brushes for a limitless creative resource.





Hundreds of brushes
Get amazing hand-made brushes from the Procreate community