Desktop-calibre features and performance, combined with a breakthrough dual-texture brush system mean that Procreate offers unparalleled power and the freedom to create anything you can imagine, anywhere you go.
A Brush Set for every style
Procreate is packed with over 120 beautifully-made brushes ranging from true-to-life sets of pencils, inks and paintbrushes to wonderfully imaginative digital effects, providing all the tools you need.
Complete control
Every Procreate brush has over 25 adjustable settings, enabling precise control over every aspect of every stroke you make.
Create and share brushes
Create your own dual-textured brushes from any image and share or backup your brushes with Procreate's built-in .brush file format.
Every aspect of Procreate has been considered, re-considered and then considered again. This fastidious attention to detail is evident in Procreate’s streamlined interface and fluid gesture system, proving that making complex art doesn't need to be complicated.
Big ideas need room. Procreate is the only iPad application to offer an ultra-high definition 4K canvas. Resolution of this size means you can create anything from quick concept sketches to high-resolution finished art, all on your iPad.
Procreate reimagines how fundamental tools should be used easily and efficiently on iPad. When you first use tools such as selections and color fills, you’ll wonder why it hasn’t always been this way.
Powerful image filters
Procreate's graphics accelerated image filters use the exceptional power of your iPad's GPU so you can create a limitless variety of image effects. Slide your finger across the canvas and watch filters being applied in real time.
Freehand Selection tool
Procreate's breakthrough Selection tools have been designed exclusively for touch control, allowing you to fluidly create both freehand and polygonal selections without interrupting your workflow.
Multitouch Transform
Sheer, transform and distort tools allow you to easily move, scale and rotate layers. Procreate's Magnetics and smart guide systems make uniform and non-uniform transformations easy.
Pick up the color from the toolbar, and drop it on the canvas. Watch as the color animates right to the edge of the line art like a drop in a pond.
The Silica Engine is what makes Procreate so fast. Engineered using OpenGL ES, Silica achieves astonishing painting speed, enviable on any platform. More is better. Everything you do in Procreate uses 64-bit values for the most precise color handling possible. Faster math means faster painting. Procreate unlocks the true potential of the 64-bit processor inside the latest iPads. Procreate carefully manages every aspect of memory usage to give you better responsiveness, more layers and bigger canvases. Procreate can be in two places at once. Full multithreading and multiprocessing support allows you to get more things done, without delay. Run the latest pressure-sensitive styli without draining your battery. Using Bluetooth 4 LE, Procreate lets you draw all day.
Winning an Apple Design Award is a pretty good endorsement for Procreate, and we're incredibly proud of it. It's a
reflection of the heart and brain that's gone - and continues to go - into every aspect of Procreate.